Thursday, December 14, 2006

In the beginning...

If we are to begin in the beginning, which seems like a pretty good place to start a journey of any sort, my boat building project began last summer when I read Stitch-And-Glue Boatbuilding by Chris Kulczycki. This is when I finally settled on a boat building method and design, and then ordered the plans for the Jimmy Skiff ™ from Chesapeake Light Craft. Mr. Kulczycki was the founder of CLC and the designer of the elegantly simple skiff I chose as my first boat building project.

Even though the book has an entire chapter on building the Jimmy Skiff ™, including scaled-down drawings, Mr. Kulczycki recommends purchasing the plans or a kit from CLC, and I heartily agree that this is the way to go. Quality materials and time are too valuable to waste on trying to cut a corner by not buying the full size plans and building guide. See the CLC website for pricing and availability. I also recommend getting a copy of Chris Kulczycki's Stitch-And-Glue Boatbuilding to supplement the plans and building guide for anyone who has not built a stitch & glue boat before.

My project started to move from a dream toward reality when I bought the Okoume plywood from Maine Coast Lumber. The Okoume I bought is grown in managed forests in Gabon Africa and then milled in Greece by Shelman.

The Lloyds Register sticker and the B.S.1088 stamps on the plywood sheets indicate that this is a high quality material specifically manufactured for use in building small boats. The Jimmy Skiff ™ plans call for two sheets of 9mm and two sheets of 6mm plywood.

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